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Toronto, Ontario, in Canada, was the first stop on our trip down the East Coast of North America in 1999.

We stayed with our friends Stef and Mark, and Woody and Utah, who are their dogs. Ove
r the first few days Mark showed us around.We went up the CN Tower, which is the tallest structure in North America, and which you can see behind us in the picture on the right.

It's over 1500 feet tall, and we went up to the round bit you can see part way up. There's a glass floor there, and we bounced around on it, over a sheer drop to the ground!

On the right you can see us inside a giant sound pipe at the Ontario Science Centre. It did some amazing harmonic thigs as you crawled through it.The Centre was really exciting, with loads of great stuff to do.

At the weekend we went to Stef's mum Susan's lakeside house in Cottage Country, north of the city.This was totally incredible. We swam in the lake and went to a wolf reserve and Susan's friend Laurent took us out on the lake in his boat and showed us how to fish, which we'd never done before.

We even picked the maple leaf you see here, and Susan showed us how to preserve it with wax paper.

After Toronto, we drove south towards Niagara Falls.

The Falls themselves were totally amazing and we put on blue plastic covers to keep us dry and sailed into the horseshoe of the Canadian Falls on the Maid of the Mist, the tiny boat you can see in the picture.
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This drive actually took us a couple of days, and we stayed over in Syracuse on the way. It'll only take you a second though!