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There are places on Earth you should really take your bear to, and New York City is one of them.

We spent a week staying with our friends Aimee, Freya and Misha at their house in Westchester County, and while we were there we spent two fantastic days exploring Manhattan.

On foot.

Manhattan is very, very big. Much bigger than we'd expected. If you want our advice, dont explore it on foot!

You can see from the pictures what we did. We rode the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty. We saw the Empire States Building, which we thought was magnificent.

We ate lunch at the famous 2nd Avenue Delicatessen down on the Lower East Side, and then we walked up Broadway so the bears could make a pilgrimage to the home of Teddy Roosevelt, the man who gave his name to all bears.

What else did we see in Manhattan? Well we came and went a lot through Grand Central Station which was pretty amazing, even compared to the pretty old mainline railway stations we have in London.

The picture on the staircase was taken on the main concourse area, which has the most beautiful ceiling, showing all the constellations in the sky. We had a picnic on a big rock in Central Park with

Aimee, Freya and Mischa, and we spent an afternoon with them at the Guggenheim, seeing an exhibition of Surreal art.

This has got to be one of the coolest galleries in the world.

It's a giant, upside-down spiral designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1949 that uncoils from the top all the way back down to the entrance, with the paintings hung all the way down the spiral wall.

We had a really fantastic time in New York. Everyone we met was very friendly and Aimee, Freya and Mischa gave us a fantastic time.
Now. Its time for the last leg of our journey if you'd like to come.

We're taking a taxi to La Guardia airport on Long Island (driving right by Shea Stadium), and taking a plane to Orlando, Florida.

We're going to Walt Disney World! Come on! Click your ticket.