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Our Mum and Dad are called Louise and Laurence.

On the left re pictures of Mummy every year since she was born! Mummy's good at thinking of good things to do when you're bored, and taking you places, and she has a bike and taught us both to ride ours, and she also swims well and taught us both to do that, too

Mummy can talk very well in French and a bit in Spanish, too, and when we went to France she started teaching us how to do that as well.

Before she had us, Mummy used to do a job to do with making TV commercials, but that was a long time ago.

Now, on the right above, that's our Dad.

He's a creative director who worked in advertising for a long time but who's now gone into new-media, which he really likes.

He does things that don't really seem that much like other people's jobs. But he seems to like doing it, anyway.

Daddy is very good at making things and fixing things and building stuff, like this Meccano fire engine with a motor in it that he helped Ben to build, or Jack's fantastic red helicopter. He's good at stuff on the computer, too.

Sometimes Daddy takes us climbing at the indoor wall near where we live and climbs himself a bit. He also climbs trees sometimes. Daddy drives a little, old, white MG Midget car, and sometimes we get to ride in it with him with the roof off.

Mummy and Daddy got married on 20 August 1989, which was a Sunday, and was a very, very hot day.

The wedding was just to the north of Hyde Park, in the middle of London, and then there was a party on the other side of the Park.

Our cousins Tania, Kate, Nadia and Martine were all bridesmaids, and our cousin Tom was a pageboy.

After the wedding, Mummy and Daddy went to the Seychelles together for a holiday, and they said it was fantastic.