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London is a brilliant place to live, as there are just so many fantastic places to go and things to do.

On this page we thought we'd try to give you a sort of guide to places we really like, either so you can just read about them, or so you can use it if you're coming to London.

The Science Museum

This might be our absolute favourite museum in London because of a big area there called 'Launch Pad', which is like a big science 'playground', with loads of things to try out, like a pair of 'reflector dishes' for sending and receiving your voice down the length of the room without wires.

Ben stands in front of one, and Jack stands in front of the other, and it works really well.

Then there are these cables and bars that you can arrange into a sort of 'suspension' table that holds your weight, and loads of other great things like a giant squeegee that dips in a trough of soapy water and makes an 8 foot 'bubble sheet' when you pull it up.

The Natural History Museum

It's just incredibly, fantastically amazing.

There are dinosaurs, which are our favourite. The dinosaurs are all in a big hall and at the end of the hall there are some dinosaurs which are actually alive but they aren't really because it's a model and they do roar, though.

After the dinosaurs there are other amazing things to see here, and there's a brilliant room which simulates what it's like to be doing your shopping in a shop when an earthquake happens.

's a bit scary, but still brilliant. Then there's the mammals gallery, which we love, too, where there are all different mammals, actual size, including a gigantic whale hanging from the roof and filling almost the whole room. If you get chance to go here, you must.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A, as it's known, is the building in the blue drawing, and it's full of the most incredible things. It's hard to say what joins them all together except that they are all to do with arts and crafts from all periods in history. So there are just millions of interesting 'things' here.

The V&A, and the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are all close to each other in a part of London called South Kensington, and we have a sort of season ticket, which is really good because it means we can go to all of them as often as we want.


This isn't in London at all. It's actually in Halifax, which is in Yorkshire and takes about half an hour to get to when we go to visit Grandma Joyce, who lives in Manchester. It's brilliant though. It's packed full of the most incredible working things that you can play on and investigate and see how they work. It's incredible. Really brilliant.

London Toy and Model Museum

This is a brilliant collection of old toys and models and dolls houses and trains and all sorts of other things from children over the years, and it's all put together really interestingly and there's even a train ride you can go on. There is a more famous 'Museum of Childhood' in Bethnal Green, which is part of the V&A, but we like this one better.


There are lots of nice parks and woods near where we live. The picture of us here was taken at Kenwood, which is about quarter of an hour away, and where there is a big house, which is now an art gallery, and lovely gardens which open out onto Hampstead Heath. In summer there are concerts at Kenwood on Saturday evenings, and sometimes they have fireworks which we can hear from our house.

The Castle

Quite near to where we live there is a place called The Castle, which is a Victorian waterworks pumping house which has been converted into an indoor climbing centre. We absolutely love going here, which we sometimes do on Saturday mornings. There is a bouldering wall, and we are also learning to climb en belay.