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OK. Totally awesome.
There's not a whole lot of doubt here.

We flew in to Orlando, checked in to The Carribean Beach Hotel, and off we went. We got to spend four days doing The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney/MGM and Animal Kingdom.

Most days, we were in the parks soon after they opened at 8am, and didn't stop till b after dark.

It was really cool to meet so many charcters, and to get them to sign autographs.

We did the big four roller coasters: Space Mountain, Splash Mounatin, Thunder Mountain and Ben even went screaming upside down through LA on the RocknRollerCoaster with Aerosmith, which is the thing with the sky blue limo you can see in the picture. This ride starts off doing 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, before turning you upside down and subjecting you to ridiculous G-forces!

We plunged 13 terrifying stories, in a runaway lift, down from the top floor of the Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror.

The thing that freaked us out most, though, was definitely a very scary thing called Alien Encounter, also in Magic Kingdom.

We loved the Buzz Lightyear shoot 'em up in Magic Kingdom that you can see in this picture. One morning we actually did this ride four times before breakfast.

Now. Let's see.

The photo below that is of the Electrical Parade which takes place on Main Street, USA in The Magic Kingdom.

It's totally incredible. We watched it at 10 o'clock on Saturday night so we were already quite tired, but it was still unforgettable.

The only thing that was maybe even more spectacular was a show called 'Fantasmic', which we saw on our very last night in the US.

The girl in the photo on the right is Britney Spears. But maybe you know that already. She was just riding through Disney MGM with Mickey when we took this photo.

Animal Kingdom, which is the newest of the four big parks, was good but we didn't find it quite as exciting as the others.

It's a good chance to see some great animals, though. And it has a fantastic tree, called the Tree of Life, standing in the middle of it.

It's a pretend tree, but it's been carved as though its trunk and roots were fashioned into dozens of wonderful animals.

If we thought hard we could find loads more stuff to tell you about.

But you've probably guessed by now what a fantastic time we had.

Were we sorry when it was over and time to head out to the airport to catch the flight home to London?

No. Holidays wouldn't be holidays if they went on for ever, and we did miss our house while we were away.

If you got to this page after following all the way through our USA trip, we really hope you've enjoyed it.