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When Jack was 1 and Ben was 3, we went to live in Cape Town, in South Africa.

This was the house where we lived.

Neither of us remembers much about it now, but Mummy and Daddy say we had a lovely time there, and it looks very nice in the photographs.

The photo on the left is of our garden, which was enormous! Much bigger than our garden at home now.

The mountain at the bottom of the garden is Table Mountain, one of the most famous mountains in the world.

We used to see it every single day, and we played in the botanical gardens at Kirstenbosch, right on the side of the mountain, where this picture of us with Daddy was taken.

This picture on the left is of us and Mummy sitting on the very top of Table Mountain, with Cape Town stretched out below us.

We were only in Cape Town for 6 months but it was at a very exciting time, in 1994, when the first free elections were taking place and Nelson Mandela became President.

Ben actually went to school in Cape Town for a while.

The lady in the picture on the left is called Thelma. She was a wonderful lady who used to come and help Mummy to look after us, and who made pyjamas for Ben's Teddy, which he still wears to this day.

Thelma lived in a township near Cape Town and used to come to our house every day.

Mummy liked Thelma very much, and Thelma helped make Mummy feel at home in South Africa.

This last picture is of us, with Mummy, at Cape Agulhas, which is the very, very last place in Africa. Right at the bottom. After this there is only ocean until you get to Antarctica!

Maybe some day we'll go back there.