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Our family came from a whole bunch of places, really.

If you go back as far as our great grandparents, you have to look right across Europe to pull them together. Some in Poland. Some in Russia. Some in England.

Our great grandfather Peter, Mummy's Daddy's father, was born in Poland. This is him on the left as a young boy after his family made the trip across to New York. This picure, on a sensitized metal plate, would have been taken around 1895.

On the right , above, you can see a postcard sent by Peter, aged17, from a hotel named The Latourette, in Montecello in the Catskills.The card is to his friend Joe Diamond in NYC. "Dear Joe", it reads. "Am having a good time, Pete". It's dated 29 July 1906.

By 1937, Peter had moved his family to Montreal, to find work during the Depression. This is him and our Great Grandmother Kate, on the left.

The couple on the right are Mummy's Mum's parents, Hetty and Maurice. Mummy remembers her Grandma quite well from when she was small.

Now, when Peter (remember him, above?) was still living in New York and had married, our Grandpa Lloyd was born. He remembers well growing up in the Bronx. Anyway. Peter, it seems, knew the legendary baseball hero, Lou Gehrig, and had him sign a ball for his little boy.

And Gehrig must have asked his pall Babe Ruth to sign it, too. Because, as you can see in the picture below, 70 years later Lloyd still has this ball, which is signed, "To my little pal Lloyd, Best Wishes, Lou Gehrig". And around the other side of the panel it's also signed by Babe Ruth!
OK. Let's see.

The girl modelling the cool, forties clothes is...Mummy's mummy, our Grandma Lily.We think the picture must be around 1941, before she was evacuated from London to avoid the wartime bombing and went to live in Canada.

As you can see from the picture on the left, Lloyd didn't get quite such cool stuff to wear during the war.

Now we don't yet have as much stuff for Daddy's side of our family's history, but we're going to get some.

Meanwhile, we do have this picture of Daddy's Mummy and Daddy, our Grandma and late Grandpa, Joyce and Eric, on their wedding day, 27 August 1952.

We need a good hunt through Grandma Joyce's photo box, and then there'll be more stuff in our Museum, so come and see it again, won't you?